Flashes and Floaters

Vision changes can indicate a serious problem with the tissue that lines the back of the eyeball (retina) optic nerve or blood vessels in the eye. Evaluation by one of our doctors is needed for sudden vision changes, such as:

Flashes of light (photopsia). Photopsia is brief but recurrent streaks, sparks, or flickers of light, particularly when you move your eyes or head. The flashes of light may be easier to see when you look at a dark background. The brief flashes may occur with retinal detachment.

Floaters, which are shadows or dark objects that float across your visual field. Sudden development of floaters may be a sign of a retinal tear.

A dark curtain or veil across part of your visual field may occur with retinal detachment.

Partial or complete vision loss in one or both eyes could all occur with retinal detachment.

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