Transportation and Care

Community Eye Center (CEC) offers the tools and resources to help patients schedule and work out the details prior to an eye surgery or procedure. Whether a patient undergoing a surgery or procedure is in need of transportation or in-home post-surgical care, CEC offers solutions and suggestions to ensure the best possible recovery outcome.

Transportation Assistance

When outpatient eye surgery, treatment or another procedure is required, Community Eye Center (CEC) knows that coordinating transportation for yourself or a loved one can be complicated. This is why CEC offers local complimentary transportation for these patients in need.

You may have noticed a van parked outside of St. Lucy’s Outpatient Eye Surgery Center or driving in the Southwest Florida area. This van is to part of CEC’s commitment to providing patients with the best care possible. As a complimentary service, this van is used to transport patients undergoing certain eye surgeries and procedures to and from Community Eye Center.

If you or your loved one needs transportation assistance before or after an eye procedure or surgery at Community Eye Center, please call 941-625-1325 to learn more.

Home Care

Most of our patients do not require any home care after surgery. Although, in some cases, patients may need a caregiver in the home to ensure that his or her needs are taken care of. Having a trusted caregiver in the home during this time provides peace of mind in knowing that all of the patient’s needs will be met.  

Often, a loved one or family member provides in-home assistance to patients after surgery. However, for a variety of reasons, this may not always be possible. If you or your loved one need assistance after coming home from an eye surgery or procedure, Community Eye Center can provide suggestions for caregiving services.  

For more information about local in-home care options,  please call 941-625-1325.