Port Charlotte Eye Doctor Website Improved Accessibility

02/26/19 Community Eye Center Improves Web Accessibility Dedicated to providing patients with excellence in care, the eye health professionals at Community Eye Center (CEC) are also on a mission of constant improvement through the adaptation of technology and continuing education. Recently, this mission led CEC to optimize its digital communication efforts and to launch new […]

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Who Invented Cataract Surgery?

01/29/19 Who Invented Cataract Surgery? While most of the time research centers on the latest technology, it is interesting to look back on through history to learn about the development of cataract extraction surgery. The term cataracts has a long history. Deriving from the word cascade, which infers both a haziness of the point of […]

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The History Of Age Related Macular Degeneration

Because the eye health professionals at CEC consider it their duty to inform about the prevention and treatment of eye conditions, this article aims to share information about ARMD.

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Ophthalmology Around The World

Some may think of their work as an obligation and travel as a luxury. However, the eye health professionals at Community Eye Center (CEC) understand the impact that combining the two can have on people.

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Is Your Family At Risk For Glaucoma?

If you have a family history of glaucoma, you probably already know about it. Speaking to your aunts and uncles and other family members is an excellent way to find out what health problems your family is prone. But, to begin a conversation about glaucoma, you must know what it is. A group of diseases […]

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Eric A. Liss, M.D. Receives Board Certification From American Board Of Ophthalmology

Community Eye Center and St. Lucy’s Eye Surgery Center are pleased to announce that Dr. Eric A. Liss is now a board certified ophthalmologist. The certification is sponsored by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Board Certification requires passing a series of two exams after graduating from medical school as an MD and after a four […]

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Holiday Food For Thought

A time for family and good cheer, the holiday season is nearly upon us. With this time of year in full swing, we know that many indulging meals and treats will be served and consumed.  Before your cooking and feasting commence for the holidays, take a look at these ingredients that contain eye-nourishing nutrients and […]

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Protect The Eyes From UV Sun Exposure

Our eyes are only 2% of our entire body but are the only organs that permit light to enter the body allowing us to see. It is essential to protect our eyes from adverse risks to our vision such as UV exposure. The sun sustains life on earth; however, its rays also pose threats to […]

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Facts About Diabetic Retinopathy

It is estimated that 420 million people have diabetes. This number has increased from 108 million since 1980. With increased prevalence, health professionals are calling it an epidemic. Although much attention is given to the disease, there is less talk about serious eye complications associated with it. This article is to provide information about the […]

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Scary Facts About Halloween Contacts (With Photos)

It’s that time of year again. Halloween offers us a time to talk about special effect contacts. Special effect contact lenses are a favorite way for people to distinguish a look or costume. These contacts are extremely popular around Halloween as a way to add a creative edge and help costumes stand out from the […]

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