Corneal Specialist and Care

The Cornea is the window structure of the human eye. It allows light to pass through to the retina allowing us to see. This clear round dome that covers the iris and the pupil of the eye also protects the internal structures from damage. The cornea also plays a very important role in vision by focusing light as it enters the eye and is transmitted to the brain to form a picture.

The corneal tissue is often exposed to injury. Corneal foreign objects, abrasions, sports injuries, chemical burns, and UV/sun damage can all lead to serious harm and even blindness. Degenerative or genetic anomalies can also affect the cornea. Proper and timely care of an injured cornea is critical to ensure the best outcome.

Community Eye Center strives to provide outstanding corneal care and treatment to patients with disorders not often handled routinely by general ophthalmologists. Our practice prides itself on the fact that we have corneal care, treatments, and patient education available in our facility that meets and exceeds typical corneal standards of care.

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