5 Facts- Functional Blepharoplasty

Facts About Functional Eyelid Surgery Performed by Dr. Mishra at Community Eye Center in Port Charlotte, North Port and Venice Florida


Blepharoplasty is the formal name that describes eyelid surgery (sometimes also called eye-lift surgery). Eyelid surgery may be performed to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids and to reduce bagginess from lower eyelids. Often thought of as a cosmetic procedure to enhance a person’s appearance, a person may elect to have eyelid surgery to improve heavy and droopy eyelids for other functional reasons. Below, you will find 5 facts about this type of eyelid procedure.

1. Functional eyelid surgery can be required to preserve vision and wellbeing.

Functional eyelid surgery is done to remove loose or drooping skin if it impairs vision or presents a problem such as wearing glasses or contact lenses. This procedure is also done if irritation occurs from excess folds of eyelid skin rubbing or discomfort occurs from overuse of forehead muscles straining to lift sagging skin.

2. An oculoplastic surgeon is desirable for functional eyelid surgery.

Most often performed by ophthalmologists or oculoplastic surgeons like Dr. Mishra with Community Eye Center, surgeons performing eyelid surgery must be knowledgeable about the ocular structure as well as the effects of the operation. Additionally, the provider of this procedure should be highly-skilled in fine suturing, as a delicate and precise touch can translate into exceptional results.

3. Blepharoplasty is an outpatient procedure.

Eyelid surgery is a relatively short, outpatient procedure. It is among the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the US and is the most common to improve the effects of aging of the eyes and face.

4. Most insurance plans often cover functional blepharoplasty.

Many private health insurance plans will cover the cost of functional eyelid surgery; this procedure may also be covered under Medicare.

Some may choose to have other procedures at the same time

Blepharoplasty may happen along with other procedures such as laser resurfacing, filler injections or forehead lifts.

5. Age is not the only reason for functional blepharoplasty.

Many who consider this surgery are over the age of 35; however, in cases when baggy and/or droopy eyelids are hereditary, younger candidates also consider this surgery.

If you think that you have a need for functional blepharoplasty, Dr. Mishra at Community Eye Center can perform an examination and testing to determine if you qualify. Call +1-941-625-1325 or book an appointment online today.

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5 Features On CEC’s New Site, Designed For You

This week, Community Eye Center (CEC) launched a completely redesigned and improved website. Listening to feedback from patients, this highly anticipated project was designed with patients in mind. Featuring a clean, uncluttered design that enhances functionality, web visitors can learn about eye health, request appointments, submit refill requests, apply for financial assistance, read reviews as well as provide feedback and much more.

Here are just five of the many ways that Community Eye Center’s new site helps you:

1) Patient education.

Community Eye Center’s mission is to provide the community of Southwest Florida quality eye care that will help our patients become as physically independent as possible by providing a full range of superior ophthalmic care and personal attention. Always providing our patients with excellent communication about their condition and treatment, CEC has carried this approach online.

On the new site, patients will find a video library with highly informative videos about common eye conditions and procedures. Additionally, over the course of six months, 40 pages of patient-centric information about optometric and ophthalmologic care were added to the site; topics that patients can learn about on the new website include cataracts, glaucoma, oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery, retina and vitreous, corneal, dry eye disease, refractive errors and more.

2) Request appointments and refills.

Patients may find that the best time of the day to schedule their eye appointment is after business hours. Community Eye Center listened to what patients had to say about convenience in scheduling their appointments and provided a solution on its new website. Located in several areas, patients will find it quick and convenient to request an appointment.

In keeping with the commitment to improving the lives of patients, CEC has also provided a streamlined method for patients to request a refill for their prescriptions. Located under the Patient Access tab, patients can fill out a brief form which even provides the option for them to update their preferred pharmacy.

3) Financial assistance.

Most treatments and services at Community Eye Center are covered under insurance or Medicare plans. But, if insurance and Medicare do not cover the cost or if you choose an elective procedure, Community Eye Center partners with organizations that offer financial assistance for treatments, products and services.

Now, patients can apply for financial assistance at CEC online. Web visitors hoping to find out more about this can do so under the Patient Access tab on CEC’s new website.

4) Read reviews and provide feedback.

Community Eye Center now has grown significantly in the past thirty years to include nine physicians at multiple Southwest Florida locations, an eye only surgery center and optical services. As CEC has developed, it has undergone many changes, designed to provide patients with the best care possible.

To do this, the doctors and staff at Community Eye Center listen to and adopt policies based on patient feedback. CEC’s new website includes a feature with which patients can submit their experiences. This feature comes with the guarantee that all input will be carefully read. Additionally, if patients would like a response to their submission, they may leave their contact information for future follow up.

5) Careers.

Community Eye Center’s value for compassion and commitment to care and well-being extend beyond its patients. It includes the entire CEC family of staff members too. CEC owners and its administration have set the bar high in our search for the right people to join this exceptional team.

Those interested in careers at CEC may now learn more about them and submit their resumes for consideration on the new website.

Web visitors to the new site are advised that the first few weeks after the initial launch are a transitional period; this means that the CEC website may not be fully optimized with all of its capabilities until the integration period is settled.

Visit communityeyecenter.com to explore CEC’s new website. You may also connect with CEC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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