Community Eye Center’s mission is to provide the community of Southwest Florida quality eye care that will help our patients become as physically independent as possible by providing a full range of superior ophthalmic care and personal attention.

We will listen to our patients and communicate with them about their condition and treatment; treating them with the dignity, respect, care, concern and compassion that we would expect for ourselves.

We are committed to continuing improvement in quality through adaptation of technological advances and continuing education of physicians and staff.

In conjunction with St. Lucy’s Outpatient Surgery Center and Community Eye Optical, our goal is to adequately inform our patients about their eye condition and the appropriate alternatives to preserve a lifetime of good vision.

Our Doctors

Dr. Spadafora
Dr. Schaible
Dr. Liss
Dr. Batzer
Dr. Simoneau
Dr. Spalding
Dr. Roberts
Dr. Mishra
Dr. Malkani
Dr. Baskind