Fogging Eyeglasses While Wearing Face Mask

April 2020

An image of a man wearing a face mask and eye glasses

A local paper recently shared an online article about how to avoid foggy glasses, while wearing a face mask. To protect your eyeglass investment, the optical associates at Community Eye Center would like to add some additional tips to this article:

  • Soap (such as a mild dish detergent without lotions) and water are recommended for cleaning eyeglass lenses. Our optical staff cautions against using a paper tissue. Tissue made of wood fibers can scratch eyeglass lenses. Drying with a microfiber cloth is recommended.
  • Depending on the type used, certain soaps can damage your eye glass lenses and/or anti-glare coating. Please follow the cleaning instructions given to you from your eyewear provider.
  • If possible, eyeglass adjustments (such as adjusting the nosepiece) should be done by an eyewear professional. Using too much force or adjusting the nosepiece frequently can cause this piece to break off completely.
  • The best defense to prevent eyeglass fogging is to use an anti-fog spray, making sure it is safe for your lenses and any coatings you may have.
  • For more information about how to properly maintain your eyeglasses, please call (941) 625-1325.


Read the original article here.

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