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Community Eye Center Improves Web Accessibility

Dedicated to providing patients with excellence in care, the eye health professionals at Community Eye Center (CEC) are also on a mission of constant improvement through the adaptation of technology and continuing education. Recently, this mission led CEC to optimize its digital communication efforts and to launch new internet website features to provide support for users with low vision.

CEC sought the first-hand knowledge of Holly Tuke, publisher of LifeAsABlindGirl.com. Writing about her life as a young person with a disability, Tuke has also published on the topic of internet and social media usability using low vision aids. Through her inspirational and informative posts, Tuke’s was named among the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK in 2018, Tuke has also earned such ranks as All Access Magazine’s Top 10 Disability Blogs and Health Blogger of the Year.

Community Eye Center turned to Tuke’s recommendations about ways to make social media posts accessible for people with visual impairment. Efforts to improve social media communication for people with low vision include improving photo descriptions, transcribing memes and gifs, optimizing hashtags and more.

Visitors at CommunityEyeCenter.com will also now find features that are designed to improve web accessibility for various people including the visually impaired, the elderly, the mobility impaired and the blind.

New Features

  • Improved Support for Keyboard-Only Navigation
  • Independent Increase of Contrast
  • Ability to Increase Font Size and Switch Font Faces for Better Readability
  • Enable Use of a Larger Cursor
  • Link Highlighting
  • Desaturating Content & More

Committed to providing the best care for patients, CEC encourages honest patient reviews and feedback to improve continually. If you’ve visited Community Eye Center’s internet pages or one of its Southwest Florida locations, you can help further this commitment by completing the following survey.

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